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Connecting Generations: 5 Ways to Develop and Enhance the Grandparent Relationship

I didn’t grow up near either set of my grandparents. However, I learned to have a great grandparent/grandchild relationship with them even though they were miles away. Connecting generations, when we lived in Alaska and they were in California and Rhode Island, must not have been easy for my parents. Since becoming a parent myself […]

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Au Revoir and Goodbye to Breastfeeding {The Bittersweet End}

As I sit nursing my 7-week old, I’m already preparing for that bittersweet time to say au revoir/goodbye to breastfeeding. There are many milestones that moms experience but this one is so significant yet rarely talked about.  Whether you nursed for two weeks or two years, for World Breastfeeding Week, let’s honor this intense and […]

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